I’ve been running this distro on and off since 2004 from Phoenix.   I like all sorts of zines but really enjoy art, DIY, Feminist, and personal/narrative comics and writing.
I am also a co-organizer of the Underground Publishers Convention, an annual independent zine and comic fair in Phoenix, and I publish my own zines and artbooks through this distro via trades.
I like to receive and send mail art too.
Thanks for stopping by,
jacki o.

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Desert City Death Distro Policies:

The zines we distribute are generally priced anywhere from 25 cents to $5.00.  

We only accept and purchase with US currency.  Paper money is preferred – if you have to use coins – try to use exact change and tape them to a sturdy piece of paper.We prefer trading zines:

How we trade:

Trades – We currently only accept submissions based on trading for zines. We will not purchase your zines. We will accept 5 zines per trade.  You pay postage sending us your zines and we will pay postage sending you the zines for trade.  The zines you trade for have to be of equal value – for example we will not accept a trade on a thin poetry zine for a thick d.i.y. zine with a handmade paper cover.  Also the zines you trade have to be yours.  We do not accept trades on other items like stickers, buttons, and t-shirts.  If you send us zines with no trade or cost details we will send you back zine trades of our choice.

- Our Catalog -
Our online catalog, available at http://desertcitydeathdistro.blogspot.com/ is updated regularly.

- Our acceptance policy -
 Trades must be completed and assembled.  

- Distribution -
We will only distribute your completed zines. We leave zines out all over the city of Phoenix; at book stores, art galleries and spaces, independent theaters, coffee shops and boutiques.