Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lawn Gnome Publishing

Desert City Death Distro LOVES LOVES LOVES Aaron Johnson's new literary venture, Lawn Gnome Publishing.  Lawn Gnome Publishing helped co-organize 2012's successful Underground Publishers Convention on March 17th.  We had a great turnout during the day and the event's evening showcase (featuring bands, spoken word, burlesque and fire spinners) was phenomenal.

Lawn Gnome is a physical book and zine store as well as an events venue, holding weekly spoken word nights, zine release parties, band showcases, writing events and more.  Located in the heart of the Phoenix arts community on 5th Street and Roosevelt, this publishing house is much needed in the downtown area (WE HAVE LIKE NO BOOKSTORES DOWNTOWN OMGZ).

 UPC's 2012 Event Poster

 Mr. Johnson

DCD is also psyched to promote Lawn Gnome's zine selection and encourages all zine creators to submit their work to Lawn Gnome! They've got a great selection so far.

Lawn Gnome Lane on 5th Street

Here's what Lawn Gnome is about:
We’re proud to introduce the grand opening of Lawn Gnome Publishing’s first storefront! We can be found in the Roosevelt Row Arts district, right in the slightly-arrhythmic left ventricle of Downtown Phoenix. 

Lawn Gnome is a boutique publishing house dedicated to showcasing the work of first-time authors and talented local up-and-comers. We remember the magic in finding an author to spin language as it seemed never had been done before, the sense of wonder at stumbling as if by accident across a much-loved classic and the hours lost paging through its time-worn yellowing leaves. We know you do, too. 

Our current roster includes Aaron Johnson (Chainsawsmoking, Roach Killer For Her, Plenty to Waste, Rights4Lefty, Watering The Poetry, Irony Stinks), Brandon Huigens (Cartoons With Animals In Them), The Cult of The Yellow Sign (The Cult of The Yellow Sign), Ernesto Moncada (Posias Malias), and Lauren Perry (Horror Couture).

Lawn Gnome Publishing strives to add credibility to talented creative superstars, teach self empowerment, show hidden history and encourage others to make things! Lawn Gnome Publishing started in 2004, when poet Aaron Johnson saw designer and poet John Kofonow read a poem about Lawn Gnomes in Studio 111 in Flagstaff, AZ. Aaron Johnson began self-publishing poetry in zines that year, which he still sells when he tours the world. Now, Lawn Gnome has three regularly touring poets who still have day jobs, but wish for a bright future and a means to publish, record, and distribute the works of many creative types.

Unlike major book publishers, we do not have a budget for promotions and advertising. In fact, we don’t pay for many ads anywhere, even in publications or on websites we whole-heartedly support. In keeping our books cheap, we forgo the luxury of having a promotions department almost entirely.

So how do we get the word out about our books? Our existence is owed almost entirely to people like you telling your friends and spreading the Lawn Gnome seeds.

If you would like a FREE LGP sticker and other fun stuff, send a self-addressed envelope to

905 N 5th St
Phoenix, AZ 85006

Check out this awesome writeup on Lawn Gnome from the Phoenix New Times! See you at the store!

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