Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hey Everyone! An Update!

Hey Everyone. Update at Desert City Death Distro here. We're still up and running but Desert City Death Distro would like you to forward all your zine submissions to Lawn Gnome Publishing, a semi-new zine and book space run by Aaron Johnson in downtown Phoenix. Lawn Gnome Publishing is located in the arts district on 5th Street and Roosevelt and serves a great arts community. Any submissions sent to Desert City Death Distro will be dropped off at Lawn Gnome Publishing for review/free box. 

Please check out our zine section for an updated list of our current zine catalog.  Though we aren't currently accepting any zine submissions for purchase we will trade you zines if you send us a few copies of your zine, we'll send you a selection of our catalog back. For free. Love you.

Keep it real,
Desert City Death Distro

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